Object Behaviours and Audience Reactions

Installations interest me for the opposite reasons live performances do. There is a long time for an audience to absorb what is going on. It is something continuous that they have visited and can now scrutinize or ignore, forget or return to.


CEP - Corporeal Extraction Process

Corporeal Extraction Process - made for the group exhibition, SOMA III - BIOS, at Terminal 08, in Gorzow Poland.
This is a play on Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). A soothing whisper accompanied by various suggestive sounds. Usually made by very attractive girls. Apparently, this gives certain people a tingling sensation. I had to give it a try. BTW, it has also been known as "attention induced head orgasm" Give it a try.


darkness and light intertwined

A generative audio and video installation with H3XL3R.

Am I attracted to this? Or disgusted by it? Does it arouse me sexually? Perversely? Or merely interest me mildly? Is there anybody watching me watching this? Monitoring my reactions. Determining my personal levels of perversion. What is happening exactly? How does it end? Does it ever end?

The dark and the light struggle on the screen. What is real? What is imagined? What is willed into reality by the imagination? What do you perceive? Are your eyes even open? Is the screen really on the wall? Or in your mind? This is an installation full of questions but offering no answers, only the voyeuristic peephole into another's creation.

Hałas, Szum, Cisza

This is an extract from the stereo mix down of a 6 channel installation that contains field recordings (some pure, some manipulated) from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Prag, Spain and Ireland. They are combined to form a new kind of audio journey that is essentially in your own head, only being helped along by the sounds that you hear.
Presented in a small darkened room as a part of the Terminal08/Salon Bruit exhibition titled "Hałas, Szum, Cisza", Gorzow, Poland.

Return to Sender

Many radio receivers and two to four mini-FM transmitters, each transmitting on a different frequency what it is being fed or what it picks up from the near field chaos surrounding it. The transmission between the devices is affected by what frequency the receivers are tuned to, the immediate electro-magnetic field, human presence and furniture. The signal is not a sound loop travelling in the area of intervention, but a spontaneous event, resulting from collective action in perpetual movement.

Infinite Loop Surveillance

Two tape loops run on four old reel to reel tape machines. While two of the machines are constantly recording the sound in the space with microphones, the other two devices simultaneously play back that recording, echoed, which is then also recorded, and so on. This work is a play on the hypothesis that the apparently empty tape recordings may sometimes contain messages from the beyond. This is known as "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" or "Tonbandstimmen". It is a test to discover if there are any ghosts still lingering in the space.

Music For Toilets

First created in 1999 with an old reel tape of classical hits, a sampler and a chaos pad.
The original installation was played on the Reel-to-Reel machine with which it was made, later versions on CD
Exhibited at the LSD bar, Expo3000 gallery and at the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft" - Technical University in Berlin and the Belltable arts center, Limerick, Ireland.