Live Improvised Sound Performance

Right now I am most interested in live-sampling and the recycling of sounds and noises, whether acoustic or electronic, the repetition and manipulation of these samples and the discovery of new sounds through this journey. I use knives, metal bowls, self-built electronics, tapes, a multi track looper and digital delay with a mixer and magnetic and contact microphones. A real time generation and mutilation of musique concrete. With this in mind the work process is an open one. The frankness of the techniques shown in the performance enables the audience to easily understand the relationship between the physical and the sonic.

Links to other audio and video documentation on soundcloud,, youtube and Vimeo.
Below are some examples of solo and collaborative live shows. They do not include the long term project with Joffrey Guillon, noisiV



Live A/V Performance with H3XL3R
What is inaudible is made audible. What is invisible is made visible.
The sounds of elctro-magnetic fields around highly charged devices are relayed, with the help of induction coil microphones, to a multi track looper and digital delay where they are manipulated to resemble coherent sound patterns. This enables the audience to find a relationship to what had previously been inaudible. The effect is enhanced by giving it life on a screen when feeding the audio signal into a custom GPU software especially designed for on-the-fly visual synthesis. A visual experience leaving you with the impression of having survived a lightning storm.
With these tools the secret sound waves of different electric devices are discovered and exploited and made visual in the moment. The source materials from which the electromagnetic fields radiate are not all that is important. The procedure that their sounds are put through in the act of creation, sonification and impromptu re-interpretation on the screen makes the A/V performance an intriguing insight into the invisible, inaudible world around us.

LifeLoop In KnifeMode

A/V Performance with keyframed.
The noise of knives, soothing in an uncomfortable way, introduce the setting to an illusive form of seduction. That of the danger of the instrument. But contact mikes, along with various small instruments, (table harp, whistle..) and tapes of found sound, turn that danger into something not quite poetic, not quite harmonic, but nevertheless seductive.
This video is a cut up of the live performance at the opening of the arts festival Art=Adding, in Szczecin, Poland.

Signal To Screen

Live A/V Performance with H3XL3R
The sound of objects (often selected on the day of the performance) are relayed, through contact microphones, to a multi track looper and digital delay and then fed into a custom GPU live-coding software for on-the-fly programmed, visual synthesis.
With these tools the sound waves of different elements are discovered and exploited and made visual in the moment. The materials themselves are not what is important but the procedure that their sounds are put through in the act of their creation, sonification and impromtu re-interpretation on the screen.
This is the video of the live performance at the Piksel festivl, Bergen, Norway


Krauchen is the collaborative project from sonic experimentors KniFeLooP and Koba. Trying to move away from the noise into more beaty territories, but always being dragged back into it. A struggle played out on stage.
This video is from the Terminal08 catalogue launch and vernissage at KlubLamus, Gorzow, Poland

reel tape lie detector

A number of old reel-to-reel machines are arranged in series with a tape running through from first to last machine. The first machine is recording through a mixer (with line inputs from the other machines) and the rest are playing the signal back thus creating an analogue delay effect that is infinitely looped over a large space and long period, normally resulting in a cacophony of semi-random sound. LifeLoop records his voice, then re-records these passing signals again and again until the truth behind the words and noise can be heard.
This video is a part of the TypeOnTour event, a crossing of sound and typography.
"For this event I used a speech to text software to visualise my texts and let the tape machines do their thing and see what kind of texts the software would interpret."

Return to Sender

Four radio receivers and two to four mini-FM transmitters, each transmitting on a different frequency what it is being fed or what it picks up from the near field chaos surrounding it. The transmission between the devices is affected by what frequency the receivers are tuned to, the immediate electro-magnetic field, human presence and furniture. The signal is not a sound loop travelling in the area of intervention, but a spontaneous event, resulting from collective action in perpetual movement.
This video is from the series "Le mercredi c'est permis!" in Totem, Nancy, France.

DJ RamDon

Eclectic mix of experimental music of all genres. At least three devices, all on random cast their noises at each other, legs spread, waiting to be determined fit or not by the DJ RamDon.