Work, Work, Work

Salon Bruit e.V.

I am co-founder of the registered association Salon Bruit e.V., which began in 2002.

Salon Bruit is an ongoing platform mainly for sound experiments. Currently there are two regular events in seperate locations and a radio show per month. And we are involved in the Grundtvig project Bridging The Gap, Learning to Learn through Music and Media.
Check the site for details of the regular events.
Occasionally Salon Bruit organise festivals in Berlin, like Lost Shadows, Verwertung, and more recently Wunderland 2. We are also very interested in collaborations. So, over the years, we have been involved in other art events like several of the SoToDo Performance Congress' or different Free Radio Projects (mentioned below) in Berlin. NoiseNoD in Prague, Czech Republic and iD Projekt in Gorzow and Szezcin as well as the Msie Tupo Doba Festiwal, Tuczno, Poland being the last bigger projects that Salon Bruit were involved in outside of Germany.  


Over the years I have been involved in many different temporary radio projects. Starting in 2002 with the, a now defunct association, there was a push to achieve a real political change in the local media laws of Berlin. Well..... we are still trying. Here are some examples of past temporary projects that I was involved with. Ersatzradio (2003), RadioRiff (2003/4), radioherbst (2005), Funkwelle (2008), Herbstradio (2009) and Radio Einheit (2010).
And now? Right now there is a weak transmission on 88.4FM in Berlin and 90.7FM in Potsdam. And as a part of  Colaboradio we try to bring sound, noise, art and digital news to the airwaves as part of the Free Radio Berlin Brandenburg group FRBB.


Radio Tesla

RADIO TESLA presented selected programs, fragments or mental leaps from the past, present and future of radio. An invitation to address the artistic, cultural and historical dimensions and possibilities of the medium. Every month there was a theme and every Wednesday an event presenting that theme in the rotating radio genres feature, radio play, radio art and borders. Every fifth Wednesday of the month featured a bonus track. After two and a half years (2005-7) at TESLA media art laboratory RadioTesla moved to the venue Ausland for a monthly radio listening lounge for 2008.
One of the highlights of all these radio listening events was the festival and prolog Radiovisionen. The Radiovisionen Festival looked back on the origins and into a fictitious future of the medium: What does radio sound like in 150 years? In which social and political context will radio exist?. Radiovisionen are Science Fiction.